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Crestholm Channels Dungeons


Flood control facility once under direct control of the royal family. The series of pipeways boasts the same processing power as the sewage system of Insomnia, utilizing the same advanced technology.

First, the channels would collect rainwater, groundwater, and industrial wastewater from the area around Ostium Gorge. The water was then processed and preserved as a valuable natural resource for the notoriously arid Leide region. With the reduction of the Wall, however, also came a release from the royal control, and the facility soon ceased operations.

At present, the sewers serve as a nesting ground for beasts and daemons that presumably snuck in through the cracks in the now-defunct pipelines. Freshwater fish that flooded into Crestholm have also formed their own ecosystem in the reservoir above ground, a pool known as the sole fishing hole in the whole Leiden mainland.


  • The "Crestholm Channels" iconCrestholm Channels can be found just outside the gates that lead to Insomnia, in the Leide region.

Region Bestiary

"Black Flan" iconBlack Flan Daemon
"Bussemand" iconBussemand Daemon
"Coraldevil" iconCoraldevil Cleigne
"Ereshkigal" iconEreshkigal Daemon
"Gaiatoad" iconGaiatoad Cleigne
"Gelatin" iconGelatin Daemon
"Havocfang" iconHavocfang Cleigne
"Hvitrormr" iconHvitrormr Cleigne
"Jormungand" iconJormungand Leide
"Malbodoom" iconMalbodoom Cleigne
"Manxom" iconManxom Leide
"Nagarani" iconNagarani Daemon
"Phalaris" iconPhalaris Duscae
"Seadevil" iconSeadevil Cleigne


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 11814 Y: 7318
Marker screenshot

2. Crestholm Channels Map

X: 8166 Y: 3661
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