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Keycatrich Trench Dungeons


The "Keycatrich Trench" iconKeycatrich Trench is a long-abandoned dungeon located in the Leide region. It was once a prosperous mining site, but has since been overrun by dangerous monsters and fallen into disrepair.

The Keycatrich Trench is a sprawling dungeon consisting of several interconnected tunnels and chambers. The layout is labyrinthine, with many dead-ends and hidden passages.


  • Found to the far north of the Leide region, in the "Keycatrich Ruins" iconKeycatrich Ruins. You will visit this dungeon as part of the Main Scenario.

Region Bestiary

"Arachne" iconArachne Daemon
"Bavarois" iconBavarois Daemon
"Black Flan" iconBlack Flan Daemon
"Ereshkigal" iconEreshkigal Daemon
"Galvanade" iconGalvanade Daemon
"Goblin" iconGoblin Daemon
"Imperial Sniper" iconImperial Sniper Imperial
"Lakhmu Flan" iconLakhmu Flan Daemon
"Magitek Axeman" iconMagitek Axeman Imperial
"Marshmallow" iconMarshmallow Daemon
"Tarantula" iconTarantula Daemon


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 10359 Y: 5456
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