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Formouth Garrison Imperial Bases


"Formouth Garrison" iconFormouth Garrison is a military installation located in the Leide region. Despite not being mandatory for the quest Noctis finds himself on, the group can decide to infiltrate the base and attempt to take it down.

Region Bestiary

"Battery Soldier" iconBattery Soldier Imperial
"Imperial Sniper" iconImperial Sniper Imperial
"MA Hoplomachus" iconMA Hoplomachus Imperial
"MA Veles-Bis" iconMA Veles-Bis Imperial
"MA-X Dux" iconMA-X Dux Imperial
"MA-X Maniple" iconMA-X Maniple Imperial
"Magitek Assassin" iconMagitek Assassin Imperial
"Magitek Axeman" iconMagitek Axeman Imperial


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 10460 Y: 6025
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