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A Flower for Iris Tours

In-game Description

Your friend has invited you on a tour. Join him at dawn tomorrow to undertake a special task. You must remain in the vicinity of your destination.


"A Flower for Iris" iconA Flower for Iris is a two-part tour sidequest in Final Fantasy XV where players must gather a special flower for a young girl named "Iris Amicitia" iconIris Amicitia.

While the initial tour will be completed at "Lambath Haven" iconLambath Haven and will grant the 20 AP reward, the player can chose to follow up the quest by talking to Iris at "Cape Caem" iconCape Caem (who will reward the player with a cutscene and a "Moogle Charm" iconMoogle Charm).


  • Head to an area with flowers.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 4605 Y: 8106

Sleep at the nearby Campground to get a scene with Gladiolus. Accept his proposal, and he’ll ask you to help him find a flower for Iris.

When morning comes, head northwest from the Campground, and Gladiolus will give you a boost to reach the "Volcanic Bouquet" iconVolcanic Bouquet.

Rewards 20 AP.

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