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Wings of Light Bahamut

Category iconDetails

Begin casting Megaflare. Press DualSense-ButtonCircle-Filled a second time to execute spell.

  • Casting progress can be monitored via the casting gauge on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Spell cannot be executed until casting gauge has reached at least level 1.
  • Spell effect and potency increases with casting level.
  • Most abilities are unavailable while casting.
  • DualSense-R1-Filled can be used to dodge attacks
  • Precisely dodging an attack is called a Megaflare "Dodge" iconDodge.
  • Executing a Megaflare "Dodge" iconDodge rapidly fills the casting gauge.
  • Taking damage cancels the spell.

Category iconMastery

Increases maximum Megaflare level to 4.

Category iconBattle Techniques

Lv. 1 Megaflare
Execute a Lv. 1 Megaflare.

Lv. 2 Megaflare
Execute a Lv. 2 Megaflare.

Lv. 3 Megaflare
Execute a Lv. 3 Megaflare.

Lv. 4 Megaflare
Execute a Lv. 4 Megaflare.

Megaflare "Dodge" iconDodge
Perform a Megaflare "Dodge" iconDodge.

Strike an enemy multiple times with a single Megaflare.

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