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Bahamut Eikons

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The Warden of Light, whose power dwells within "Dion Lesage" iconDion Lesage, prince of Sanbreque. In the Holy Empire, the Greagorian faithful hold dragons to be sacred creatures, and "Bahamut" iconBahamut the most sacred of them all. Because of this, as well as the protection it grants them, the "Eikon" iconEikon is loved and revered by the imperial populace.

Category iconRelated Lay of the Land

"The Holy Empire of Sanbreque" iconThe Holy Empire of Sanbreque The Holy Empire of Sanbreque

Category iconRelated Mysteries of the Realm

"Eikon" iconEikon Mysteries of the Realm

Eikon Abilities

"Flare Breath" iconFlare Breath Bahamut
"Gigaflare" iconGigaflare Bahamut
"Impulse" iconImpulse Bahamut
"Satelite" iconSatelite Bahamut
"Wings of Light" iconWings of Light Bahamut

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The Holy Empire of Sanbreque
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