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Kasjlok The Dhalmekian Republic

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An old, abandoned village built on the banks of Cerdra’s Thread in the Dhalmekian Republic. "Kasjlok" iconKasjlok long served as a depot for crystals ferried up and down the river, but frequent attacks on the slow-moving transports by bandits prompted the republic to establish new caravan trails for fleet-footed chocobo t1 coursers, essentially rendering the village obsolete. Soon after the final inhabitants departed, wild beasts moved in; however, there is an effort currently underway by "Eloise" iconEloise and her Crimson Caravans to rebuild the town and provide it as a safe haven for displaced "Bearer" iconBearers.

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"The Dalimil Inn" iconThe Dalimil Inn The Dhalmekian Republic

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The Dhalmekian Republic
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