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The Shadow Coast The Kingdom of Waloed

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The forbidding cliffs that line the Naldia Narrow on the "Ash" iconAsh side of the channel. Though viable ascents exist, their numbers are few and the paths narrow and perilous. That said, they have more than once been used as a staging ground for covert incursions into the kingdom. Now, the land above having been all but consumed by the Blight, it is only the boldest of adventurers who dares set foot here.

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"The Naldia Narrow" iconThe Naldia Narrow Lay of the Land
"The Kingdom of Waloed" iconThe Kingdom of Waloed The Kingdom of Waloed
"Ash" iconAsh Lay of the Land

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"The Deadlands" iconThe Deadlands Mysteries of the Realm

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The Kingdom of Waloed
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