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Clanne Lythos

Basic Info

"Framme" iconFramme’s twin. 33rd Steward of the Dragon, following in "Vander" iconVander’s footsteps. Was present when "Divine Dragon" iconDivine Dragon Absoval awoke.

Growth Rates

Stat Base Growth Rate Max Stat
HP 19 40 0
Str 1 35 1
Mag 8 10 -1
Dex 11 40 2
Spd 9 50 2
Lck 4 20 0
Def 4 30 -2
Res 7 25 -1
Bld 4 5

Initial Class

"Mage" iconMage Mystical
"Verdant Faith" iconVerdant Faith Personal

Innate Proficiencies


Normal Proficiencies


Support Partners

"Vander" iconVander Lythos
"Framme" iconFramme Lythos
"Etie" iconEtie Firene
"Louis" iconLouis Firene
"Citrinne" iconCitrinne Brodia
"Zelkov" iconZelkov Elusia
"Hortensia" iconHortensia Elusia
"Fogado" iconFogado Solm
"Jean" iconJean Firene
"Veyle" iconVeyle Unaffiliated

Favorite Gifts

"Tea Leaves" iconTea Leaves Gifts
"Fairy-Tale Book" iconFairy-Tale Book Gifts
"Poetry Book" iconPoetry Book Gifts
"Philosophy Book" iconPhilosophy Book Gifts
"Dragon Scripture" iconDragon Scripture Gifts
"Elyos History" iconElyos History Gifts
"White Clover" iconWhite Clover Gifts
"Quality Kerchief" iconQuality Kerchief Gifts
"Fine Quill Pen" iconFine Quill Pen Gifts
"Large Plate" iconLarge Plate Gifts
"Spirit Gem" iconSpirit Gem Gifts
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