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Solid Alibi

Successfully protect Batman's secret identity

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Game: Gotham Knights
Type: 15
Rarity: 4.11% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Single Player, Sidequest

This page will provide details for earning the “Solid Alibi” achievement in Gotham Knights.

How to Complete the Solid Alibi Achievement

Enter the building via this vent on the side

To earn the Solid Alibi achievement/trophy you must complete five Secret Identity Compromised side activities which protects Batman’s identity. These side activities can be started after completing Case File 1: Batman’s Last Case. Once you have access to them, the first one will appear on the map in the West End district as the following icon Secret_Identity_Icon_Gotham_Knights.png. Once you have access to them, you can do them at any point including post game, and new game +. You can find the five Secret Identity Compromised side activities in the following locations.

Location District Map Marker
Gotham City Gazette West End Map Pin
GCPD Major Crimes Unit West End Map Pin
Waynetech Southside Map Pin
GCPD Central Old Gotham Map Pin
Iceberg Lounge Financial District Map Pin

One thing you need to know about the Secret Identity activities is that you cannot be seen/detected at any point otherwise you’ll end the activity. The reason for this is that you’re trying to keep Batman’s real identity hidden which will require you to plant bugs, and access servers all under the guise of stealth. This is why we recommend playing as Robin for these activities as he’s a master in the art form of stealth, although it can be done easily with other heroes. If you are caught, exit to the main menu, and load up the game to reset the activity. This will save you time in the long run by not having to head back to The Belfry every time you get caught.

For an in-depth walkthrough on how to do each Secret Identity Compromised activity flawlessly follow our guide for it here.

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