Complete 12 levels of Paramedic.

As with GTA games prior to San Andreas, you can participate with side missions that involve vehicles. The Paramedic side mission will require you to use an Ambulance to pick up patients and drive them to a hospital. For each level you advance while doing this, another patient will be added, meaning at level 12, you will have to pick up twelve patients to complete it. Thankfully, each Ambulance is able to hold up to four passengers, so it makes things a little easier in the long run. Your reward for completing level 12 is a boost to your maximum health.

However, you will need to drive very carefully, as bumping into objects might cause harm to the patients and if a single one dies while in your care, then you will fail. Likewise, you have to be careful with the vehicle, as getting out of it will reset your progress, and you won’t be able to repair the Ambulance, due to the Pay ‘n’ Spray not being able to take it. The easiest spot to do the Paramedic mission is in Angel Pine, which is located in the southwest portion of the whole map. None of the patients will ever show up outside of Angel Pine.