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Smooth Moves

Perform a perfect dance routine.

One of the mini-games you can do in San Andreas is a dancing one. You will actually have to perform one of these during the mission, Life’s a Beach, but you can also do this in various nightclubs around the map. There is one club in each of the three major cities, so you can visit the one in Los Santos from the very beginning of the game. Dancing is a rhythm mini-game, where you need to push the Directional Pad in the direction given, whenever it passes the circle at the bottom of your screen. You will be given a score, depending on how well-timed you press the button as it passes through the circle, with you either getting “Perfect,” “Good” or “Bad.” In order to unlock this trophy/achievement, you will need to make sure that you simply don’t miss any of the inputs given to you. That means you can’t miss a single input, so if you see a “Bad,” then you will need to try again.

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