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Broodmother Angry


The Hedge "Broodmother" iconBroodmother is a boss that resides in her lair in the hedge. Arguably one of the toughest fights in the game as she comes with a huge health pool, defense up and has four phases. On top of that she can summon minions to do her bidding.

A lot of her attacks are modified versions of the Orb-Weavers attack combos, and the Wolf Spider’s lunge as well as a standard bite attack.

At around 75% of her health she’ll gain some new attacks with them also being able to poison you. The first new attack will be a 5-hit combo similar to the Wolf Spiders, the second being a retreating jump where she’ll spawn several spiderlings, and finally, an unblockable scream which will stun you, and lower your attack power.

When she gets down to 50% of her health, she’ll get a huge defense increase halving all damage that you do to her, and her leap attack will also spawn two "Orb Weaver Jr" iconOrb Weaver Jr’s along with the spiderlings.

Once you get her to 25% health, her leap attacks will spawn four Orb Weaver Jr’s instead of the spiderlings.

Defeating the Broodmother will require you using everything you have at your disposal. Meals, and Smoothies such as "Boost Juice" iconBoost Juice and "Spider Slider" iconSpider Slider will help. Strong healing items such as "Healbasa" iconHealbasa (this can heal the boss, and her minions), and Granola Bars are a must.

Bringing along weapons that can deal area of effect damage like the Crossbow equipped with "Super Gas Arrow" iconSuper Gas Arrows will help you take out her minions quickly.

Finally, bring along a max upgraded "Spicy Coaltana" iconSpicy Coaltana as your main weapon as the Broodmother is weak to Spicy, and a strong armor set like the "Roly Poly" iconRoly Poly armor to reduce the amount of damage you take from her attacks. For Mutations, Mithridatism is a must, then you can take combat related mutations like Buff Lungs, Meat Shield, and Coup de Grass. Other useful mutations are Mom Genes, Cardio Fan, and Whittle Wizard. If you’re playing multiplayer, a Reliable Friend is also a great mutation to bring.

How to Find this Creature

You can find the Hedge "Broodmother" iconBroodmother in her lair in the Hedge biome. It can be found by going up a branch into a large burrow next to the Flingman Flying Disc. When you reach the lair, you’ll need to summon her with a "Broodmother BLT" iconBroodmother BLT which you can use on the egg sacs within. Once she is summoned, you won’t be able to leave the lair until either she or you die.

How to Craft the Broodmother BLT

The Broodmother BLT is surprising easy enough to craft, just place the following resources into an Oven to craft it:

Icon Name Quantity
Bombardier Part "Bombardier Part" iconBombardier Part 2
Ladybug Part "Ladybug Part" iconLadybug Part 2
Thistle Needle "Thistle Needle" iconThistle Needle 1

The tricky part is that you’ll need the recipe to craft it, and this can only be found by reading some research notes. These can be found by getting on top of the Hedge Lab, and following the branches leading up to the north/northeast.

You can find the "Bombardier Part" iconBombardier Part by defeating "Bombardier Beetle" iconBombardier Beetles, and the "Ladybug Part" iconLadybug Part by defeating Ladybugs. You can find their spawns by checking out our Interactive Map. Finally, you can get "Thistle Needle" iconThistle Needles by picking them from a Thistle Plant which can be found in the Grasslands, Upper Grasslands, Flower Bed, and the Flooded Zone.

Broodmother Lair Location

Location Map Marker
"Broodmother" iconBroodmother Lair Map Pin
Hedge "Broodmother" iconBroodmother Map Pin

Broodmother BLT Recipe Location

Location Map Marker
"Broodmother BLT" iconBroodmother BLT Recipe Map Pin

Creature Cards



"Broodmother Chunk" iconBroodmother Chunk Natural Resources
"Broodmother Fang" iconBroodmother Fang Natural Resources
"Broodmother Venom" iconBroodmother Venom Natural Resources
25× "Web Fiber" iconWeb Fiber Natural Resources
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