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Repair Glue Misc


This stuff sticks to anything! Can repair armor and weapons that have been upgraded past a certain point.

How to Find this Item

This recipe can be unlocked by purchasing the “Advanced Smithing: Glue Masher” recipe for 500 Raw Science. This recipe is unlocked by obtaining the Black Anthill BURG.L Chip found in the Black Ant Lab after defeating the mini-boss there.

You can craft this recipe using one of the following recipes:


Tier II


"Antlion Part" iconAntlion Part Natural Resources
"Black Ox Part" iconBlack Ox Part Natural Resources
"Bombardier Part" iconBombardier Part Natural Resources
"Ladybug Part" iconLadybug Part Natural Resources
10× "Mint Shard" iconMint Shard Natural Resources
"Roly Poly Part" iconRoly Poly Part Natural Resources
10× "Sour Lump" iconSour Lump Natural Resources
10× "Spicy Shard" iconSpicy Shard Natural Resources
"Spider Chunk" iconSpider Chunk Natural Resources
"Stinkbug Part" iconStinkbug Part Natural Resources
"Termite Part" iconTermite Part Natural Resources
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