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Spicy Shard Natural Resources


A fiery splinter from a Hot Cha Chas candy.

This item is typically used for crafting better materials, alongside the occasional food and arrow recipe. It is also considered a snack food source, restoring roughly 20% hunger as well.

How to Find this Item

The most common source of the spicy shard is via the sandbox. Players who can withstand the heat of the sandbox can head into the area, and use their tier 2 shovel to dig up the glinting areas in the sand. Players have the chance to dig up Spicy Rock candy, and then use their T2 hammer on it to break it down in into Spicy chunks. (This also shares a chance to dig up Ice Mints too.)

For other locations, they are roughly found in the Trash Heap, "Antlion" iconAntlion Burrows (also in the Sandbox), Shed surroundings, and other mid to late game areas.

Used In

"Spicy Arrow" iconSpicy Arrow Ranged
"Spicy Glob" iconSpicy Glob Upgrades
"Spicy Jewel" iconSpicy Jewel Upgrades


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