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Mushroom Slurry Slurries


A thick paste of blended mushroom bits.

"Mushroom Slurry" iconMushroom Slurry is a Tier II material resource that is primarily used in making "Mushroom Brick" iconMushroom Bricks. Although that is its primary use, it can also be used to tame "Weevil" iconWeevils, or put in a smoothie to create Questionable Slop.

How to Find this Item

You can find the recipe of "Mushroom Slurry" iconMushroom Slurry by analyzing either a "Mushroom Chunk" iconMushroom Chunk or a "Toadstool Chunk" iconToadstool Chunk. Another way to learn the recipe is to purchase the “Advanced Production Buildings” for 2,500 Raw Science but to do this, you’ll need the Haze BURG.L Chip which can be found at the end of the Haze Lab.

Once you have the recipe, you can craft the "Mushroom" iconMushroom Slurry a few different ways resulting in more Slurry produced by placing one of the following items into a grinder.

Material Result
Mushroom Mushroom Slurry
Mushroom Chunk Mushroom Slurry
Toadstool Chunk Mushroom Slurry

Interactive Map Markers

Mushroom Locations

Location Map Markers
East of Underground Spider Lair Entrance Map Pin
East of Old Ant Hill/Southeast of the Pond Map Pin
Termite Nest Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck 1 Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck 2 Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck 3 Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck 4 Map Pin


Tier II


"Toadstool Chunk" iconToadstool Chunk Natural Resources

Used In

"Mushroom Brick" iconMushroom Brick Misc
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