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Brittle Whetstone Upgrades


Brittle material used to upgrade weapons.

This material is crucial for ugrading weapons up to level 5 where you’ll need mighty globs to upgrade them further.

How to Find this Item

Although the recipe is unlocked by purchasing the smithing station which is available at the beginning, it has finite uses. The recipe for this are as follows:

The infinite use recipe can be obtained by beating the mini-boss at the end of Black Ant Lab, and unlocking the door. This will give you the Black Anthill BURG.L Chip which gives you access to various recipes including the “Advanced Smithing: Brittle Upgrades” for 1,500 Raw Science. The required materials for this are as follows:

Each craft of either recipe will yield just the one Whetstone.


Tier I


"Brittle Quartzite Shard" iconBrittle Quartzite Shard Natural Resources
"Sap" iconSap Natural Resources
"Larva Spike" iconLarva Spike Natural Resources
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