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Brittle Plating Upgrades


Brittle material used to upgrade armors.

This item is a crucial part of upgrading armor to level 5 in the Smithing Station, which you can build for your base by going into the craft menu, clicking the Sorage and Utilities Option, and then searching for the Smithing Station in the Misc category.

You will need 15 "Brittle Plating" iconBrittle Plating to upgrade a piece of armor to level 5, which is when you then upgrade a piece of armor to the next stage.

Players will also need to have purchased the Brittle Recipe by spending 100 Raw Science at a computer terminal.

How to Find this Item

There are two ways to get "Brittle Plating" iconBrittle Plating in Grounded. Both of these ways require the use of a workbench, with players crafting it in the Material Resource section of the workbench. As for the two option, they are:

Option one will require players to collect sap from either their base sap collector, or by going out to a woody area of the garden and looting the sap that naturally spawns on branches, twigs, trees and more. You will also need to kill "Grub" iconGrubs, which are often found burrowed underground in the Oak Tree area of the map. You can also find them burrowing in caves and other areas you notice ground disturbances. Furthermore, you will need a Tier 1 shovel (such as the Acorn shovel) to uproot the grubs and collect their Grub Hide.

The second method for crafting Brittle Plating in Grounded is via the Brittle Marble Shards. These items are typically found in the world, either through the rocks, or through the odd shards around. The best places to get these in the early game are typically in the small cave areas, such as in the Old Anthill near the Acorn tree, on the outside of the Oak Tree Lab when you unlock it, and the Four Leaf Clover cave if you swim the distance. When you’re better geared, you can venture in the Red Anthill and find lots of shards and rocks to crack, and when you’re ready to take on spiders, you can find even more in the hamster cave and other more dangerous areas of the map as you naturally progress through the game.


Tier I


"Brittle Marble Shard" iconBrittle Marble Shard Natural Resources
"Sap" iconSap Natural Resources
"Grub Hide" iconGrub Hide Natural Resources
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