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Bomb Arrow Ranged


Highly volatile arrow created by merging natural and man-made explosives.

This item is a t3 arrow that will explode upon impact.

How to Craft this Item

Players can craft the bomb arrow using a variety of upper highland resources.

The arrows are crafted by players gathering "Dust Mite Fuzz" iconDust Mite Fuzz, alongside Splinters. "Dust Mite" iconDust Mites are often found in the shed area, while splinters are found around the Termite mound. Meanwhile, "Fungal Growth" iconFungal Growth is commonly found in the Haze area, which can be harvested from the infected creatures, such as Mites and "Weevil" iconWeevils. Lastly, players need gunpowder, which requires a Tier 3 weapon or tool with the chopping status to open caps. These are commonly found around the gun in the highlnds area of the map, and contain gunpowder.


"Spliter Arrow" iconSpliter Arrow Ranged
"Fungal Growth" iconFungal Growth Natural Resources
"Gunpowder Clump" iconGunpowder Clump Natural Resources
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