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Fungal Growth Natural Resources


Incredibly unstable chunk of fungus.

"Fungal Growth" iconFungal Growth is a versatile resource that is primarily used in the creation of "Bratburst" iconBratburst, and "Bomb Arrow" iconBomb Arrows.

How to Find this Item

You’ll find Fungal Grown by defeating Infected creatures including, but not limited to "Gnat" iconGnats, Mites, and "Weevil" iconWeevils. The best place to find these creatures is in the Haze/Haze Lab which is situated in the southwest of the yard. You can also find them in other places such as the Flower Bed, Grasslands, Oak Hill, and the "Undershed" iconUndershed, but the Haze area will be your best bet.

Once you’ve acquired some "Fungal Growth" iconFungal Growth, you can craft the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Bomb Arrow "Bomb Arrow" iconBomb Arrow 2
Bratburst "Bratburst" iconBratburst 2
Mysterious Machine Explosive Bur Trap 4
Black Ox Burger Funguspacho 4
Gastro Goo "Gastro Goo" iconGastro Goo 1
Infected Weevil Head Mount "Infected Weevil Head Mount" iconInfected Weevil Head Mount 3

Analyzing the Fungal Growth will unlock the following recipes: "Bratburst" iconBratburst, "Infected Weevil Head Mount" iconInfected Weevil Head Mount, and the "Stuffed Infected Weevil" iconStuffed Infected Weevil.

Used In

"Bomb Arrow" iconBomb Arrow Ranged
"Bratburst" iconBratburst Explosive
"Gastro Goo" iconGastro Goo Smoothies
"Infected Weevil Head Mount" iconInfected Weevil Head Mount Mounted Trophies


Tier II

Interactive Map Markers

Infected Creatures Locations

Location Map Marker
Haze 1 ("Infected Weevil" iconInfected Weevil) Map Pin
Haze 2 ("Infected Ladybug" iconInfected Ladybug) Map Pin
Haze 3 ("Infected Mite" iconInfected Mite) Map Pin
West "Undershed" iconUndershed (Infected "Larva" iconLarva ) Map Pin
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