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Belgruff The Bludgeoner Infamous Foes


!Belgruff the Blugeoner is an InFamous Foe goblin who is holed up in Rookwood Castle in the "Feldcroft Region" iconFeldcroft Region.

Using the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame will bring you almost directly into a small bandit camp outside the main castle gates where you will encounter "Loyalist Warrior" iconLoyalist Warriors and "Ashwinder Scout" iconAshwinder Scouts.

Belgruff can be find once you can enter the castle itself. To do this you must go around the back of the castle and use "Accio" iconAccio and "Levioso" iconLevioso on the crate on top of the cart and position it so you can then jump onto the crate and up through the hole in the wall. It can be tricky to get right but it is doable.

Once through the wall you are straight into an attack from Goblins including Belgruff himself.

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1. Hogwarts Legacy World Map

X: 2120 Y: 3229

Holed up inside Rookwood Castle.

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