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Catrin Haggarty Infamous Foes


"Catrin Haggarty" iconCatrin Haggarty is an Infamous Foe that can be found during the Relationship Quest, The Lost Child, for Natty Onsai. During the Quest, you will explore an enchanted Ashwinders Tent and you’ll encounter her in the large room.

She’s no different than regular Ashwinders, but you will face off against a large mob here so consider keeping your distance and using your "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic to try and take her down as quickly as possible. The main difficulty in this battle comes from the other Ashwinders hitting you from behind so consider using an "Edurus Potion" iconEdurus Potion to help out.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hogwarts Legacy World Map

X: 2794 Y: 2632

You will find "Catrin Haggarty" iconCatrin Haggarty in the Ashwinders tent that you explore during the “Lost Child” Relationship Quest for Natty.

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