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Brocburrow Hamlets


Brocburrow is a community located in the countryside. Famed Auror Helen Thistlewood is among the notable witches and wizards to hail from this hamlet.

Things to Discover

Type Number to Collect Map Links
Collection Chests 4 One, Two, Three, Four
Field Guide Pages 1 Interactive Map Link
"Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues 1 Interactive Map Link

The Brocburrow Demiguise statue is inside one of the buildings to the southeast corner of the Hamlet. Head inside a building with a level 1 lock, and the statue is on the floor beside a room divider. You can also find one Collection Chest on the other side of the divider near the bed.

The other three collection chests require some exploring. One chest is behind a house next to the Floo Fire Shrine. Another is on top of a material shed storage spot. You will need to get the rate with Wingardium leviosa, and drag it to the area. You then "Levioso" iconLevioso it, then climb to the top. We got the Corkscrew handle from this.

The other is inside on of the houses in the Hamlet Center. You will need to have unlocked rank 2 lockpicking to open the house and get the chest.

The Field Page is near the village center next to a scarecrow.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hogwarts Legacy World Map

X: 3236 Y: 2658
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