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Bella Navarro Cragcroft


"Bella Navarro" iconBella Navarro sells mainly potion ingredients from her small Hamlet shop in "Cragcroft" iconCragcroft.

Vendor Items

Item Name Item Type Cost Description
"Ashwinder Eggs" iconAshwinder Eggs Ingredients 150 Hot to the touch, one clutch of these is an ingredient for the Edurus potion. Ashwinders rise from the embers of dying magical fires and then slither off to dark corners to lay their eggs.
"Dugbog Tongue" iconDugbog Tongue Ingredients 50 Organ gathered from the mouths of Dugbogs. Used in "Focus Potion" iconFocus Potion.
"Horklump Juice" iconHorklump Juice Ingredients 100 Small creatures that resemble mushroom. Their juice is used in "Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potions. Tend to hide underground.
"Lacewing Flies" iconLacewing Flies Ingredients 100 Delicate wings used in the Focus potion. Often found in open fields
"Leaping Toadstool Caps" iconLeaping Toadstool Caps Ingredients 150 Mushrooms that leap serendipitousl and are used in the Invisibility potion. Often found in forested areas.
"Leech Juice" iconLeech Juice Ingredients 150 "Leech Juice" iconLeech Juice is used in both Maxima potions and "Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew. This can be found near waterfronts.
"Spider Fang" iconSpider Fang Ingredients 50 Fangs gathered from a spider. The residual venom is a key ingredient in Maxima Poition.
"Stench of the Dead" iconStench of the Dead Ingredients 100 Essence gathered from Inferi. Ingredient for "Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew.
"Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potion Combat Tools 100 Aids in healing and restoring a bit of the drinker’s health.
"Focus Potion" iconFocus Potion Combat Tools 500 Reduces the drinker’s spell cooldown.
"Invisibility Potion" iconInvisibility Potion Combat Tools 500 The drinker turns invisible, causing enemies to lose sight of them - the drinker is then imperceptible for a period of time.

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