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Confringo Damage


A long-range bolt that deals damage on impact. Enemies hit with fire-based attacks will continue to take damage for a few seconds, during which time collisions will result in incendiary bursts.

This blasting curse is capable of taking down red shields on enemies at range. It also has upgrade in the talents section called "Confringo Mastery" iconConfringo Mastery that allow it to seek out other enemies with mini fireballs. This gives the spell some more power, especially for fighting multiple enemies at once.

It is also worth mentioning that this spell is capable of dropping enemies into their weakened state. The move has an impact, which can knock enemies into the air. Doing so will allow your basic attacks to become stronger against enemies affected by the move’s airborne status. It is also a great counter to Inferi enemies at a distance.

How to Unlock

This spell is unlocked during ‘The Shadows of the Undercroft’ quest with Sebastian Sallow. You will learn the spell when you first discover the secret Undercroft area. Sebastian teaches you it, and then you get a little tutorial requiring you to like 3 Braziers in the Undercroft.

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