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I Am Setsuna

Triple Combos

Jarrod Garripoli
Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Aerial Storm Genesis (Endir) Jump (Julienne) Whirlwind Blade (Nidr)
Almighty Aura Wall (Endir) Impenetrable Defense (Nidr) Holy Light (Setsuna)
Alpha Impact Dragnarok (Fides) Serenity (Julienne) Regen (Kir)
Apocalypse Battlecry (Endir) Meltdown (Kir) Tenacity (Nidr)
Armageddon Battlecry (Endir) Meltdown (Kir) Rebellion (Nidr)
Art of War Eclipse (Julienne) Weaken (Kir) Aerial Strike (Nidr)
Astral Blast Haste (Aeterna) Dark Matter (Fides) Cure II (Setsuna)
Astral Stasis All Creation (Aeterna) Quick (Endir) Stalker (Fides)
Atonement Gearadia (Aeterna) Dark Pact (Fides) Diffuse (Nidr)
Big Bang Demi (Aeterna) Life (Endir) Booster (Kir)
Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Big Crunch Enchrono (Aeterna) Bio (Kir) Double Back (Nidr)
Break Matter Gearadia (Aeterna) Dark Matter (Fides) Cure II (Setsuna)
Brionac Endark (Fides) Eclipse (Julienne) Enthunder (Setsuna)
Carnage Ray Phantom (Fides) Rebellion (Nidr) Remedy (Setsuna)
Cataclysm Doom (Kir) Demonic Strike (Nidr) Cheer (Setsuna)
Celestial Balance All Creation (Aeterna) Genesis (Endir) Stalker (Fides)
Chant du Cygne Oblivion (Aeterna) Rebellion (Nidr) Sanctity (Setsuna)
Cosmic Inflation Demi (Aeterna) Genesis (Endir) Booster (Kir)
Coup de Grace Charge (Aeterna) Genesis (Endir) Luminaire (Setsuna)
Crimson Flare Dark Mist (Fides) Fire (Kir) Blunt Blow (Nidr)

Not only are triple combos used offensively (left), but some of them are great for defense (right).

Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Delta Force Ice II (Julienne) Fire II (Kir) Lightning II (Setsuna)
Detonation Spark (Endir) Absorb (Fides) Dispel (Kir)
Disintegration Drain (Kir) Demonic Strike (Nidr) Cheer (Setsuna)
Dragonic Ray Backslash (Endir) Dragonic Soul (Fides) Chakra (Julienne)
Earthly Rage Hellfire (Fides) Transcendence (Julienne) Provoke (Nidr)
Echoes in Eternity Gearadia (Aeterna) Realization (Endir) Emission (Nidr)
Electic Spiral Royal Lance (Julienne) Pinpoint (Nidr) Holy Light (Setsuna)
Energy Burst Magen (Endir) Pandemic (Fides) Holy Light (Setsuna)
Ephemeral Parade Aura (Endir) Pandemic (Fides) Holy Light (Setsuna)
Epiphanic Blade Precise Thrust (Julienne) Weaken (Kir) Aerial Strike (Nidr)
Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Eruption Spark (Endir) Dragnarok (Fides) Dispel (Kir)
Evanescent Flash Aura (Endir) Echo (Julienne) Play Dead (Setsuna)
Gaia’s Beauty Frenzy (Aeterna) Chase (Julienne) Whirling Shot (Setsuna)
Gaia’s Glory Frenzy (Aeterna) Eclipse (Julienne) Whirling Shot (Setsuna)
Gaia’s Wrath Dragnarok (Fides) Transcendence (Julienne) Provoke (Nidr)
Galactic Force Meteo (Endir) Vanish (Kir) Cure (Setsuna)
Gamma Burst Dragnarok (Fides) Flare (Kir) Prayer (Setsuna)
Grand Cross Charge (Aeterna) Cyclone (Endir) Luminaire (Setsuna)
Gravitational Collapse Enchrono (Aeterna) Doom (Kir) Double Back (Nidr)
Hell Howl Slow (Aeterna) Dragnarok (Fides) Osmose (Kir)
Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Highwind Backslash (Endir) Dragonic Soul (Fides) Eclipse (Julienne)
Hyperion Cleave (Endir) Jump (Julienne) Whirlwind Blade (Nidr)
Infinity Strike Stop (Aeterna) Radiance (Endir) Eclipse (Julienne)
Last Letter Oblivion (Aeterna) Counter (Nidr) Sanctity (Setsuna)
Magicdust Endark (Fides) Icicle Lance (Julienne) Enthunder (Setsuna)
Moments in Time Flawless Blow (Aeterna) Realization (Endir) Emission (Nidr)
Omega Drive Cursed Slash (Fides) Serenity (Julienne) Regen (Kir)
Omega Flare Snatch (Fides) Flare (Kir) Prayer (Setsuna)
Peerless Power Wall (Endir) Impenetrable Defense (Nidr) Incite (Setsuna)
Penance Protect (Aeterna) Dark Pact (Fides) Diffuse (Nidr)
Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Perdition Slow (Aeterna) Earthsplitter (Fides) Osmose (Kir)
Perpetual Strike Stop (Aeterna) Radiance (Endir) Berserk (Julienne)
Prismatic Glow Mirage (Aeterna) Meteor Thrust (Julienne) Barrier (Kir)
Rising Phoenix Permanence (Aeterna) Magma (Kir) Life II (Setsuna)
Scarlet Flame Dark Mist (Fides) Doom (Kir) Blunt Blow (Nidr)
Shining Torrent Phantom (Fides) Wind Slash (Nidr) Remedy (Setsuna)
Simulacrum Frog Squash (Aeterna) Ice (Julienne) Rebellion (Nidr)
Snowfall Symphony Dream Shatterer (Aeterna) Helix Slash (Fides) Apex Thrust (Julienne)
Snowfall Rhapsody Gearadia (Aeterna) Helix Slash (Fides) Apex Thrust (Julienne)
Snowman Squash Frog Squash (Aeterna) Ice (Julienne) Condense (Nidr)

Grand Cross (left) and its upgraded version, Coup de Grace (right), are some of the more powerful combos in the game.

Combo Spritnite 1 Spritnite 2 Spritnite 3
Soaring Phoenix Permanence (Aeterna) Doom (Kir) Life II (Setsuna)
Spherical Slice Blade Wave (Endir) Black Hole (Fides) Rebellion (Nidr)
Stardust Fall Shock (Endir) Enfrost (Julienne) Enflame (Kir)
Stella Imber Genesis (Endir) Enfrost (Julienne) Enflame (Kir)
Stone Clutch Blade Wave (Endir) Black Hole (Fides) Stone Slash (Nidr)
Temporal Distortion Gearadia (Aeterna) Meteor Thrust (Julienne) Barrier (Kir)
Thunderbolt Royal Thrust (Julienne) Pinpoint (Nidr) Lightning (Setsuna)
Trine Force Ice II (Julienne) Fire II (Kir) Holy Light (Setsuna)
Ultra Release Magen (Endir) Pandemic (Fides) Inspire (Setsuna)
Universal Force Meteo (Endir) Doom (Kir) Cure (Setsuna)
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Once a decade, to maintain peace, a sacrifice was made to a fiend on the island. This custom had been effective until recently when the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. To calm the fiend down, a new sacrifice was offered; Setsuna - chosen because of her powers of enchantment. She must leave with her safeguards to the farthest lands where the sacrifice will be made.

With a battle system based off the legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is undoubtedly a masterpiece of story-telling and nostalgia. Our guide will cover the following:

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