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Icon Title Description Location Rewards Screenshots
Item icon
3 - Crazy Money

Objectives Complete a Crazy Delivery (Easy) minigame.

Honolulu - Aloha Beach, Aloha Street (Unmissable)

Unlocks Crazy Deliveries

Item icon
4 - Busted!

Objectives: Fight some enemies with the help of your new Poundmate.…

Honolulu - (Unmissable)

Unlocks Poundmates

Item icon
5 - Welcome to Hawaii, MFer!

Objectives: Make new friends with the Aloha Link app.

Honolulu (unlocked upon leaving Revolver Bar - Unmissable) …

Unlocks Aloha Links

Item icon
6 - Surfin' the Streets!

Objectives: Beat up judgmental technophobe.

Honolulu - Seaside Avenue

Unlocks Street Surfer.

Item icon
7 - Miss Match

I should give Machiko-san’s app a try when I’m, uh…mentally prepared.…

Honolulu - Seaside Avenue, Dolphin Statue

Unlocks Miss Match

Item icon
8 - Snap Those Sickos!

Objectives: Complete a course of Sicko Snap.

Honolulu - Aloha Beach Trolly Stop, Aloha Street

Unlocks Sicko Snap

Item icon
9 - Love as Sweet as Lemons

Objectives: Deliver lemonade without spilling to customers, have…

Honolulu - Little Japan

Food items for delivering all cups each round, $100 from battle.…

Item icon
10 - Coming Out of Her Shell

Prerequisites:After unlocking Poundmates Objectives:Visit Olivia…

Honolulu - East Aloha Beach

Jeweled Shell, Nancy & Olivia Poundmate

Item icon
11 - Wait for Me

Objectives: Response + Memorization minigame (Passion + Style…

Honolulu - Momo Street

Emperor (food item), The Epicurean’s Epithet (Chef Job Rank…

Item icon
12 - Saved by Kindness

Objectives: Cutscenes + battle at end (multiple parts).

Honolulu - Makanai Ave

Happy Lei Accessory (increases items from battle)

Item icon
13 - Rock and Roll

Prerequisites:After unlocking Poundmates. Objectives:Lots of…

Honolulu - East Aloha Beach

Def Boom Box (Breaker JEXP+ Accessory), Kazami Poundmate

Item icon
14 - Neck-Deep in Love

Objectives: Mini-game to guess the right head.

Honolulu - West Aloha Beach

Courage Pendant (nullifies Fear).

Item icon
15 - Samurai, May We Walk Together?

Prerequisites:After unlocking Poundmates Objectives:Choose Japanese…

Honolulu - West Aloha Beach

Bright Yellow Sweets x2, Nathan Poundmate.

Item icon
16 - Beach Guardian: Water, water everywhere

Objectives: Deliver water to 10 people on the beach.

Honolulu - East Aloha Beach

Revival item

Item icon
17 - Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around

Prerequisites:Complete Substory 16 - Beach Guardian: Water, water…

Honolulu - East Aloha Beach

Book that increases Kindness by 50.

Item icon
18 - Beach Guardian: Heroes of the Sand

Prerequisites:Complete Substory 17 - Beach Guardian: No Kidding…

Honolulu - East Aloha Beach

Infrared Goggles (Aquanaut Job exclusive) that greatly increases…

Item icon
19 - Home to Roost

Prerequisites:After unlocking Poundmates Objectives:Carefully…

Honolulu - West Aloha Beach