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Continue to the right until you see a large spider wrapped around a tree. As you approach it will attack, stand well out of range until it stops. Once it has, move close to it, until one of the legs moves towards you. Quickly move out of the way and it will strike the ground. Get him to repeat this two more times.

Once you have done that, run back to the left and you will find a bear trap that has fallen from the branch above. Jump over this and push it back towards the spider. As before encourage the spider to attack you, but place the trap exactly where the spider strikes the ground. This will remove a leg. Repeat this three times and the spider will retreat. Continue right.

Dodge the spider’s leg attacks until a bear trap falls from a nearby tree, and then move the bear trap under the spider to injure it (right).

After a short while, you will stop moving, having been caught in the spider’s web! The spider will come and tie you up before exiting to the left. Once it is gone wiggle away until you drop down to the floor below.

Wiggle your control stick to detach from the roof (left) and then continue down the hill and hop the gap (right).

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