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Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 16-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-10-2019 / 16:31 GMT

Limbo Guide

8 months ago · Guide Information

Campaign Walkthrough

Chapter 38

Continue to the right and you will find a small room without a floor, but with a gravity panel close at hand.

Note: Jump to the panel to reverse gravity and a crate will join you on the ceiling. Use it to jump back out to the entrance. Run outside and you will fall up to a secret spot on the roof. Run to the left wall and pull the handle here to reveal an egg. Stomp on it for the achievement/trophy - Going Up.

Invert gravity and use the crate to jump up to the left (left). Drop down the gap and quickly pull the handle on the left wall and the egg will pop out (right).


As you enter the room, jump to the gravity panel and as the crate comes up to the ceiling, jump over it and push it to the opposite side of the gravity panel. Return to the spot above the gravity panel and wait for it to expire. As gravity returns to normal, hit the switch one more time, then push the crate all the way to the right and use it jump up to another ledge above, jump to the right quickly to avoid the circular saw and slide down the slope to exit the room.

Invert gravity and push the box across the roof to the left (left). Climb up and quickly run to the right to avoid the saw (right).

At the bottom of the slope, jump and hit the gravity panel nearby. This will activate intermittent inversions and reverting to normal gravity for the next little while. So turn up the sound on your television, you can usually pick when gravity is about to change by the sound effects and you are going to need that advantage to get through the next area.

After hitting the switch, move across the roof to the platform on the right. Below you should see a horizontal turret ready to destroy anyone trying to hit the magnet control there. Unfortunately we need to hit said magnet control. When gravity is normal, wait for the sound indicating that a change to inverted gravity is nigh and use that cue to quickly run over and tag the magnet control. The gravity should change and whisk you to the safety of the ceiling.

The block on the right should now be accessible, so when the gravity returns to normal jump on top of it and quickly make your way across it to the other side.

Jump and hit the gravity panel to the right (left). Hit the magnet switch in front of the turret when it is safe to do so to access the next area (right).

Wait for gravity to right itself and stand on the girder. Below you, you’ll see another horizontal gun. As gravity is about to invert, jump down and under the girder, run across the ceiling to the left and position yourself under the block. When gravity returns to normal you will drop down a small slope.

Quickly run to the gap and jump as far as you can into the void when gravity is just about to change to avoid both of the nasty buzz saws to land safely on the roof. Run to the right until there is ground below and above you.

Run across the bottom of the girder to the left and position yourself under the block (left). Performing a running jump into the void below the saw when gravity is about to change to avoid it (right).

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