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The later versions of LIMBO, from Playstation 3/PC iterations and onwards have featured a secret level that can be accessed once you have completed the game and found all 10 of the achievement/trophy related hidden eggs along the way. If you followed the walkthrough above, you will have got them all if you played through, if you are coming in late though, you can find their locations in the collectible guide below.

Once you have acquired all of the hidden eggs, you will want to load up Chapter 26 from the chapter select menu (it is the one with the mosquito in the picture). From the start, climb down the ladder and proceed into the cave to the right towards where you found the hidden egg for the ‘Alone in the Dark’ achievement/trophy. This time, you want to keep moving to the right until you see a light source ahead. There is a gate here and if you have all of the eggs, it will be open so head on through to begin!

Enter the cave at the base of the ladder (left). Continue through the darkness to the right until you reach the light source to find the gate to the secret level (right).

Secret Level Walkthrough

As soon as you are through the gate, it will slam down behind you and the lights will go out. The darkness is something that you will need to get used to in this level as there is a hell of a lot of it. In fact, for a lot of this level, the only way to know where you are on-screen is to keep an eye out for our hero’s eyes. Make your way to the right until you come across a platform beneath a light.

Looks safe right? Wrong! The platform below has a horizontal machine gun on it that will shoot you if you stand on the platform for too long. As such, you need to run and jump from below the light to the platform below, whilst running out the right and jumping as you land. If you are quick enough, you should grab the ledge above the turret just before it goes off.

Keep moving through the darkness to the right and you’ll drop down to another ledge below. Continue until a brain slug drops on your head and sends you back the way you came. Once you climb up to the platform above the machine gun, be sure to jump towards the light in the distance and then quickly jump up again to climb the platform before the gun goes off.

…And of course, the light will drive the brain slug back to the right again. Once more avoid the machine gun and continue to the right. When you reach the light at the far end, you’ll be turned around again. As you go back, wait for your character to bump into something and start pushing. There is a crate here in the dark and we need to take it to the left. Listen out for the sounds of the demonic growth on the ceiling and when you think it is overhead (it will be quite close to the machine gun), jump onto the box and then up to the roof to remove the brain slug.

Make sure to jump from the platform with the light (left) to minimise your time int he machine gun’s line of fire. Remember that as you go back and forth with the brain slug!

Move over to the right and at the end you will find a ladder with a light shining on it. Jump towards this and then walk to the base of the ladder. Wait a second or two before climbing as you will have activated another horizontal turret on the way down and it will kill you if you start to climb right away.

Once the gun stops, climb the ladder. At the top you’ll see a second ladder to the left. There is another machine gun 4-5 rungs up from the bottom, so as you jump across, try to grab the very bottom of the ladder. If you go too high and you hear the gun warming up, quickly move up or down to avoid it. Continue to the top when it’s safe to do so.

Continue to the left through the dark for a good distance and you’ll end up at a ledge that you can climb down.

Drop down the ledge into the room below (left). Use the ledges of the gap in the centre of the room to avoid the saw (right).

As you drop into the room, run to the centre and crawl down the ledge of the gap in here. There is a large hanging saw that will move from left to right in this area, and hanging from the pit is the only safe spot. Wait for the saw to go over your head, then quickly stand up and jump across the gap. Immediately drop off the other side of the gap here as the saw will come back very quickly. When it goes back to the right, hop up run to the left and climb out of the room.

Move to the right until you reach the next source of light. You’ll see a ledge above you and some sparks flying off a pair of circular saws on the ceiling to the left. We need to get up to the higher ledge and we’ll need to head over to the left to do so.

Run as far as you can to the left, and climb up to a higher platform. From here look into the sparks falling from the closest saw. If you look closely, you should see a platform pass underneath it. We want to jump to this and hang from the end. The platform will move to the right and back continuously, so we want to time our next move. When the platform starts to come back to the left, you want to climb up onto it when you are between the two saws and run to the right hand side of it. Now hang from this ledge. Wait for it to go back to the right again, then when you are past the second saw, stand up and jump across to the higher platform we saw earlier.

Look into the sparks to see the outline of the platform to jump to (left). Use the platform to jump to the upper platform on the right (right).

Make your way to the right until you reach the next light. Here you’ll find a large saw that will move up and down. Note the sound that it makes when it lifts up. This will be important in a moment! Wait for the saw to go up and then proceed to the right. Now in the darkness here there are two more of those vertical saw traps, but there is no light. As such, move forward until you hear the whirring blades and when you think you are quite close, wait for the noise to indicate the blade is lifting and then quickly run to the right until you are out of range. Repeat for both saws.

The large saw will move up and down (left). Listen to the noise it makes as it goes up. Continue into the dark and avoid the two other saw traps (right). Use your ears!

Keep moving until you see a flaming tyre above you. Walk out of the passage a short distance and wait for it to drop. Quickly move to the left to avoid being hit and then run after it along the dark passage. As you go, a small flaming rock will come after you as well, but keep running to the right and time a jump so that it passes beneath you, but do not stop as there is another flaming tyre following it! When you reach the gap, jump to the far side.

Walk forward a short distance to trigger the tyre (left). Follow it down the hill and jump over the small rock that comes up behind (right). Jump the gap at the end.

Keep moving through the dark here and when you start to slide, keep an eye out for the saw below and jump over it to land on a platform. Just below this another saw will be moving up and down the slope here. Wait for it to go and come back and as it does, jump over it. Keep moving down the slope and eventually you’ll come across another light.

If you stand back and observe the light for a moment you will see a smaller saw blade that moves back and forth along the ground. Again, you want to pay attention to the noise it makes and also note the speed at which it moves.

When you are ready, drop down to the area with the saw and jump over it and then climb up the ledge on the far side. As you move to the left, there is another light. This will go out as you approach, so as you drop down, listen for the blade and hop over it when you can. There is one more small saw in a third identical pit area, however this time there is no light at all. Use your ears!

After the third saw, keep moving to the right and eventually you will come across a secret egg. Walk up and step on it.

Dodge the three small saw blades running along the floor (left). Continue through the dark until you come across the egg (right).

Soon after grabbing the egg, a pair of machine guns will start firing down on you from the roof. Unfortunately, they are firing on either side of our character and if we want to survive, we need to remain between the two streams of bullets. But wait, it gets better!

After a short moment, the guns will begin to move to the right. We’ll reach a gap we need to jump to the right to get across. At this point, pay attention and note how the leading gun’s bullets go down further when shooting into a pit. This leading gun will be our guide through the next section as there are a pair of pits located in the dark that we will need to hop across.

Once you have jumped the two gaps, watch the first gun and you will notice that there are several platforms leading like a large set of stairs to the right. Climb over these and drop down the far side.

Stay between the machine guns as you work your way across the gaps.

As you land, the guns will start to change their direction of fire and slowly rotate to a horizontal orientation. Run to the ladder over to your right, and climb it when it is safe to do so. Wait at the top of the ladder until the first gun’s fire reaches the top of the lift control on the platform above. Run up to the lift control and get ready to press it. Wait until the second gun’s bullets are just about to hit the top of the ladder we just climbed up and then quickly hit the lift button and jump into the lift.

Climb the ladder whilst remaining between the machine guns (left). Activate the lift when the second machine gun is about to hit the ledge a tthe top of the ladder (right).

Now as long as you timed it with the machine gun fire correctly, you simply need to ride the lift up to complete the level.

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Running off will get you nowhere (PS3/PC only)

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