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Marvel's Spider-Man
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First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:15 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 24-08-2019 / 10:03 GMT

Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Main Story Walkthrough

Keeping the Peace

Upon completing the previous main mission, you will be back outside as Spider-Man, when Yuri Watanabe calls you and asks you to come to the police station, as only your expertise can help her right now. Make your way to the marker on your map and approach the door at the top of the building for a scene. It seems the Oscorp surveillance towers all went down and Yuri asks for your help in fixing them. Go up to the one right in front of you and press the Triangle Button to start the descrambling. Basically, you need to move the analog sticks around to match the wavelength pictured, then hold it there for a couple of seconds, bringing the tower back online.

These surveillance towers, although not specifically told to you right now, are how you unlock the map. You will get to see various things, but for right now, you notice that a crime is in progress. Head to the icon to find some thugs trying to break into a place, but Spider-Man’s on the case. You’re introduced to enemies with melee weapons at this point, who will block frontal attacks. Launching them into the air by holding Square or tying them up with your web are the ideal solution to bringing them down.

Clear the first crime to receive a Crime Token, which is a little bit useless right now, but will become very useful a little bit later. Of course, the evil doers of New York City don’t lay low, as another crime will be in progress, but once again, Spider-Cop is on the way. This crime will introduce another new type of enemy, the Brute, which is pretty similar to Fisk. Web them up or throw objects at them to make them vulnerable to attacks. Once you clear the area, a quick time event will appear, where you need to move the left analog stick into the circle before time runs out, then press R1 to disarm the thug holding the woman hostage.

Brutes are pretty similar to Kingpin, so web them up
then you will be able to get hits in on them

When you’re finished saving the hostage, climb to the next vantage point to get a read on a second tower. Swing your way over to it and descramble it to unlock a nearby signal. Head to the nearby building to find a Backpack, one of the game’s collectibles. Collecting these will unlock Backpack Tokens, useful in upgrading certain things that will be revealed shortly. Before you can ponder about what you will get to make you stronger, another crime comes over the radio, this time a store robbery.

There will be a few thugs inside of the store, then some reinforcements will appear afterwards, but they shouldn’t cause much trouble. You’re finally near the end of this main mission, though, as there is but one more tower to fix, despite the bad news that Spider-Cop is now retired. Simply get to the tower and repair it as the ones before to finish this main mission once and for all.

The green icon indicates a nearby Backpack
which are one of the collectibles in the game

Helped Yuri repair towers and stop some crimes2500 XP

Note: You have unlocked a new side mission upon completing this main mission. It is Storming the Castle and it can be found to the north. Also, if you repair some surveillance towers, then you will unlock another side mission, The Network Is Down, in the southern end of the map.

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