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Marvel's Spider-Man
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First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Main Story Walkthrough

My OTHER Other Job

Before you head off to the next mission, you gain enough experience to level up, which will grant you some extra health and a skill point. Press the Touchpad to gain access to the in-game map, then press R1 to see the Skills screen. There are three different skill trees here; Innovator, Defender and Webslinger. You will find a variety of moves in each tree, so look over them and see which one you want to start focusing on right now. Note you only have a single skill point, so you can only grab one skill.

Once you make your choice, you will receive a call from Dr. Otto Octavius, who asks you to come to the lab, since the grant committee is coming soon. The marker isn’t too far away, so head on over there, practicing the traversal techniques some more. The marker will put you on a rooftop, so head to the door and head inside. There will be a cutscene and you will gain control of Peter, so walk on over to check on the prosthetic arm. Interact with it and move the arm around with the right analog stick for a little bit, then back out.

The solution for the first circuit project puzzle
The solution for the second circuit project puzzle
The solution for the third circuit project puzzle

Inspect the tablet to the left of the arm and get ready for some puzzling. You basically have to place connectors, with your inventory of them to your left, on the board to connect the green start piece to the orange end piece. Highlight an empty square, press X and place a connector, rotating it as needed. The first puzzle is very simple and it shouldn’t take very long for you to finish it. The second puzzle, though, will introduce pieces that can only fit one way, as the current can only pass through it in one direction, as indicated by the arrows.

The third puzzle will add another component to these puzzles, which is managing the voltage. At the top of the screen will be the target voltage you need and there are special spaces that add or subtract voltage. The green spots have a positive charge, while the red ones will have a negative charge. Add the "+2" pieces to the two green nodes, then the only red one available for the other, finishing up by connecting to the end piece. Once you are finished, return to the arm and move it around a little bit more.

More Puzzling

With those puzzles down, you will be instructed to move on over to the Spectrograph station. As you’re walking over there, look to your left to find something you can interact with on another table, which happens to be more puzzles of the above kind. Only two more are available right now and by completing them, you will gain a small amount of experience, with some later ones actually granting you more rewards. On a table near the designated station is another thing you can interact with, a recorder of Dr. Octavius’ that talks about you and the current project.

The solution to the story's Spectrograph puzzle

Anyway, that’s enough distraction, so let’s head to the Spectrograph station and check that out. Your goal is to identify the unknown substance by its absorption spectrum, which is just really lining up the rectangles and their lines with the example above. Just move your cursor over to the left, select a rectangle and move it into its correct position. The first puzzle is very easy and some more will become available after the fact, with similar rewards as the first type of puzzle. Feel free to do them now, but to continue the story, you need to exit the lab.

Worked your OTHER other job250 XP

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