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First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Side Missions

Storming the Castle

When It UnlocksReward
After completing Keeping the Peace1500 XP

You can find this side mission on the border in between Central Park and the Upper East Side districts, in the northern part of the map. The questgiver for this is located on top of a building. While keeping an eye out for some "nocturnal raptors," Stephanie noticed some armed men at Belvedere Castle. Approach the castle, but do it a little bit quietly, as there are a number of Fisk’s men there. Most of them are on the ground level, but there is a sniper perched on the upper level, which is the first person you should go after.

The easiest way to do this is come in either high or on the ground, without the enemies noticing you’re there. Get above the sniper and take him out silently, although you might need to distract the other guards. You can do this by aiming with the L2 button, then slinging some web nearby to make the guard head over there. Whatever you do, the sniper should go down first. The remaining goons are up to you, but you should notice one of them has an electric baton, so be aware of that. You can still perform the "divide and conquer" strategy to stealth defeat the remaining thugs, or fight them straight up.

When you’re finished, you’ll need to investigate a nearby laptop to see what Fisk’s men were doing here. As you get ready to examine the contents of the flash drive, a pigeon will snatch it and fly away. With Stephanie’s help, you locate the pigeon, but it brought along some friends. They are shown as a blue trail in the sky, so get chasing after them, although being in Central Park, it might be a little challenging finding the necessary objects to latch your web on. Keep up with them and when you get close enough, you should be a button prompt (L1 + R1). Hit this to snag the bird with your web.

Upon getting the flash drive back from the pigeon (you likely need to catch all three of them), return to the laptop at the castle to find out what Fisk’s men were doing. Apparently, they were uploading a worm to the wifi network in Central Park, putting the personal data of a lot of people at risk. Note that as soon as Spider-Man discovers this, a three minute countdown will begin. Conferring with Stephanie again, some men are at a junction box, still uploading the virus. So, you’ll need to quickly swing over to that spot and take them out.

Some of the men are equipped with melee weapons, so don’t forget to knock them up into the air to make them susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, that’s not the only junction box Fisk men are at, as there are two more. The closer junction box will have a few enemies, some of which will have firearms. The farther junction box will have enemies with shields, plus it seems they have flashbangs, too. If you’re in range of one of these, then you will become disorented, with your screen coming to a halt every few seconds.

Once you’ve put a stop to all three sets of enemies at the junction boxes, it looks like the side mission is over. However, Stephanie seems to be in trouble, as she sees armed men coming after her now. Rush back to the rooftop where Stephanie is to find some men waiting for you. There are some with shields, as well as one or two with melee weapons, so adjust your attacks accordingly. Report back to Stephanie once the coast is clear to finish.

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