Developers: Player First Games
Publishers: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genres: Fighting
Modes: Multiplayer, Single-Player

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What is MultiVersus?

Multiversus is a platform fighting game that lets you team up with friends or go solo in ranked and casual multiplayer games. It sets it self differently to its competitors with its strong brand IP, featuring a range of licensceed Warner Brother characters from a range of IPs. Players can expect to play games using characters from the DC universe, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, Rick and Morty, and other popular adult and character cartoons.

In additon, Multiversus is a game that offers deep customization and progression. There are perks for each character, offering buffs to the characters class and role design. Players can find they may improve their defensive stats, offensive stats, and even get signature perk that adds all new effects to a key playstyle of the class.

At the time of writing there are 17 characters in Multiversus, all of which have differet roles, ranging from tanks, supports, bruisers, assassins and mages. Eaach one tends to offer different focuses on gameplay, such as horizontal, vertical or hybrid playstyles. Moreso, each character has a unique skill that makes them do differnet things. Some of the characters are more support oriantated, offering buffs or life saving moments to their allies, while others are all about finding some amazing kill windows, harrassing, or applying debuffs to their enemies.

It also means there are two main game modes in Multiversus. There is a 1v1 gamemode, with a 2v2 game mode being the main focus from the devs. Some characters are better at 1v1, while other characters with support capabilities shine much better with the 2v2 mode.


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