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Amirah Bachelorettes


"Amirah" iconAmirah is the owner of "Ceramic Gate" iconCeramic Gate, where she makes pottery. She lives with her brother "Arvio" iconArvio, and spends time hanging out with "Heidi" iconHeidi and "Pablo" iconPablo.


"Amirah" iconAmirah can be found at her house during the early hours of the day, but tends to wander around the center of town in the evening.


Side Quests:

  • A Man of Quality
  • ⁠New Coat of Paint
  • ⁠Some Picnics Are No Picnic
  • Trouble in Paradise

Friendship Quests:

  • The Moonlighter
  • ⁠“Desert Rose”
  • ⁠Product Recall
  • Trial by Kiln
  • ⁠The Fleeting Youth Tea Society
  • Tea Party
  • Artwork in the Sky

Romance Quest:

  • Promise For a Rose


  • Stand Up For Yourself

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sandrock World Map

X: 2186 Y: 1747
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