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Fang Bachelors


An eccentric doctor who is too shy to speak. He lives with his bird "X" iconX, who helps him run his clinic.


"Fang" iconFang is always at "Fang and X Clinic" iconFang and X Clinic.


Side Quests:

  • Clean Slates
  • Cheery Conspiracy
  • Delivery Trainee
  • Saving Private Raven
  • Taste of Your Own Medicine

Friendship Quests:

  • Fragrant Memories
  • ⁠Relapse
  • ⁠Remember the Good Times
  • Leaving the Nest
  • What’s “Hanging Out?”

Romance Quests:

  • ⁠Words to Betray the Heart

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sandrock World Map

X: 2347 Y: 1423
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