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No Rest for the Wicked

Pine Wood Locations

Matt Chard

In No Rest for the Wicked, you’ll need to acquire various resources from time to time, especially if you want to rebuild the city of Sacrament. One of the key resources you’ll need for the beginning tasks requires Pine Wood, and you’ll need a lot of them if you want to complete all of the first tasks of Rebuilding Sacrament. Fortunately, there are some good places to find Pine Wood, which we’ll detail further below.

In general, you can find Pine Woods in:

  • The Shallows
  • Mariner’s Keep
  • Orban Glades

Although you’ll find Pine Wood in all of these places, The Orban Glades and Mariner’s Keep make a nice route, as The Shallows will require going out of your way. However, you can find a decent amount of Pine Wood there, so if you need more, head there after. Read on to find out the best locations to farm Pine Wood.

Best Pine Wood Farming Spot

This route starts at Sacrament, heading west into Orban Glades, where you’ll find several trees. It will then continue west into Mariner’s Keep, where you’ll find the rest. There are also several trees you can find on the beach in The Shallows (east of the Whisper), but that’s not covered in this route. Note that there will be enemies along the way, so deal with them accordingly.

(1 of 8) Pine Wood 1: West of Sacrament Gate.

  • Pine Wood 1: From Sacrament, exit the city via the western bridge that leads to Orban Glades. There will be a tree to cut just outside the gate.
  • Pine Wood 2: Follow the path south to find another tree just around the corner.
  • Pine Wood 3 and 4: Continue west/southwest of the path through the long grass to find two trees.

(1 of 8) Pine Wood 5: Southeast from the Whisper.

  • Pine Wood 5,6,7, and 8: Go back on the path, and head north toward the Whisper. Here, you’ll find four trees. One to the southeast of the Whisper, and three to the west of it.
  • Pine Wood 9: Head back onto the path and go west across the wooden bridge. Continue west across the last stone bridge, and you’ll find a tree in the center.
  • Pine Wood 10: Continue west into the encampment to find the tree left of the signpost.
  • Pine Wood 11: Exit the encampment to the west to find another tree at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Pine Wood 12: From the last tree, head north to find another tree.

(1 of 8) Pine Wood 9: In the center of the stone bridge.

  • Pine Wood 13: Now head west into the small gap between the stairs and the wall to find a tree in the corner.
  • Pine Wood 14: Finally, south of the last tree, you’ll find another.
  • Pine Wood 15 and 16: Head up the stairs, go through the doorway to the northwest, and climb the ladder. Continue north to the right of the next set of stairs, and you’ll find two trees side by side. Now, head east to find the Mariner’s Keep Whisper and head back to Sacrament to finish the route.

(1 of 8) Pine Wood 13: West of the previous tree.

That’s it for the Pine Wood farming route. As mentioned above, The Shallows has several trees in close proximity should you need more. Ideally, this will be enough for the time being until the trees respawn. At that time, you could focus on something else, such as Clay or Copper Ore, and then come back and repeat the process.

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