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No Rest for the Wicked

Within Our Walls Guide

Nathan Garvin

Bounties and challenges are not created equal. In the case of bounties, daily bounties range anywhere from mundane enemy culling to pest control and even mere scavenger hunts. But the weekly bounties are special, pitting you up against assortments of rarer enemies often not seen together or even minibosses. But even within the ranks of the weeklies there’s a hierarchy, and while the Brutal Couplet may have been a dangerous mix of brutes - enemies usually encountered alone - the Torn Colossus is a miniboss you can tackle by undertaking the Within Our Walls bounty hunt. This page will provide strategies for defeating this foe, as well as its location and preparations you can make in order to swing the odds in your favor.

(1 of 2) Pick up the bounty “Within Our Walls” from Captain Randolph,

Pick up the bounty “Within Our Walls” from Captain Randolph, (left), and head to the War Room - that’s right, this foe has invaded Sacrament! (right)

Within Our Walls - Location and Strategy

The Torn Colossus, oddly enough, is within Sacrament itself. Just start the bounty and head into the War Room, which is just northwest of the town square. Once inside you’ll find yourself in the confines of the building alone with your quarry. This roughly circular arena appears fairly sizable, at a glance, but the Torn Colossus, while lumbering, has surprising range with its attacks. As fond as we are of dodging, parrying might be a better play here, if you can manage it, as the relatively cramped arena - not helped by the odd furniture you can get stuck on - can prove to be a nuisance.

Before you engage the Torn Colossus in combat, however, you should really make sure your weapons are upgraded. It can be easy to overlook this when you’re new to Sacrament, as the game doesn’t encourage you to do this, but you can make significant gains at relatively little cost if you put in the time and effort. Upgrade Fillmore’s Smithy, then use the newly added Furnace there to smelt Copper Ore into Copper Ingots. This should be enough to upgrade any weapon three times, which will just about double that weapon’s damage output. Buying Wolf Claws (or hunting wolves - there’s a bounty that spawns several every day) and Iron Ingots can allow you to upgrade a weapon six times, for approximately triple the base damage. If you’re going into the fight with the Torn Colossus, you’re making things more difficult than they need to be.

(1 of 2) Its most common attack is a sword lunge - unpredictable, good tracking, immense range, hard to punish… there’s a lot to hate about this if you can’t get the parry timing down.

Its most common attack is a sword lunge - unpredictable, good tracking, immense range, hard to punish… there’s a lot to hate about this if you can’t get the parry timing down. (left), The Torn Colossus can also perform a sweep with its sword, often served for giving players a rude awakening if they think they’re safe behind the beast. (right)

Torn Colossus Guide

The Torn Colossus on paper doesn’t seem like a tough foe. It’s durable and hits moderately hard, but it really only has three main attacks to watch out for. On top of this, it’s fairly slow - even its charge attack is more likely to make contact due to its tricky (at first) two-stage nature than its speed. As mentioned earlier, however, the battlefield does you no favors, and while its attacks are few and simple, the Torn Colossus can choose to spam them unpredictably and is only clearly vulnerable after its charge.

If you can parry its lunge and sweep attacks, you’ll leave it open to abuse, making this fight much easier. If your timing is poor, you’ll be punished, and if you insist on dodging, you’ll need to wait until the Torn Colossus uses its charge attack to punish safely. Unlike the Brutal Couplet, the Torn Colossus’s attacks generally come out faster, track better, and combo more unpredictably - especially its lunge, and getting a break to heal can be tricky at times. Don’t think you’re safe hiding behind the… fountain?.. near the top of the War Room. Whatever it is, the Torn Colossus will merrily lunge right through it.

Its attacks are as follows:

(1 of 2) Despite only having one arm, the Torn Colossus will try to employ a grotesque shoulder tackle - a two-stage attack.

Despite only having one arm, the Torn Colossus will try to employ a grotesque shoulder tackle - a two-stage attack. (left), If you can avoid the charge, you’ll have plenty of time to punish the Torn Colossus afterward. (right)

Torn Colossus Attacks

  • Lunge: Being reduced to one arm has limited the Torn Colossus’s repertoire, but it hasn’t lost much in the way of power or range due to it. This attack is what it says on the tin: a quick, jabbing lunge with its sword. It covers a lot of ground and the Torn Colossus can track you if you dodge too early. Worse, it can spam this in quick succession, making it hard for you to judge if it’s done attacking and hence is safe to punish, or if it’s going to lunge again. This is its most common attack and it really makes the case for favoring parrying over dodging.

  • Sweep: Less common than the lunge, the Torn Colossus will often wind up for a moment for this attack (especially when you’re behind it), clearly telegraphing what it’s doing. It has surprisingly good range and AoE, but the Torn Colossus rarely follows it up and it’s easy to read. You can punish after this attack, just be wary, as it can and will spin before swinging - you’re not safe behind it.

  • Shoulder Tackle: The Torn Colossus only has one arm, but it’s still determined to use its writhing mass where the other arm used to be in combat. To that end it’ll perform a halting, two-stage charge. Each stage covers only a moderate amount of ground, but it can change direction for the second phase, catching slower dodging characters off guard. It has a fair recovery window after this attack, making it safe to punish.

As with the Brutal Couplet, the Torn Colossus will forfeit a Plague Ichor when defeated.

Defeat the Torn Colossus and it’ll drop a Plague Ichor, which makes this well worth the trouble. Take the vile concoction back to the Watcher in the Rookery to get a Cerim upgrade.

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