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No Rest for the Wicked

Sacrament NPCs and Traders

Scott Peers

There are several useful NPCs and traders to be found in Sacrament, the main settlement for the early access version of No Rest for the Wicked. It won’t be long before you find your way to Sacrament, and when you do, one of the first things you’re likely to need is a trader that you can sell your loot to, but also purchase new equipment for gathering resources and improving your gear stats. There are also NPCs who can help you to progress by offering bounties and challenges, and even one who will help you to rebuild Sacrament so that you can get more out of it over time. On this page, we’ll take you through all these NPCs and more, including where to find them.

Sacrament is the main hub for trading, resting, and improving your character in No Rest for the Wicked.

Fillmore the Blacksmith

Fillmore is one of the first NPCs that you’ll encounter in No Rest for the Wicked, and he’ll be the first person that you can trade with on the road to Sacrament. After you defeat Warrick, Fillmore will relocate to his forge, which is just over the bridge opposite the main entrance when you arrive in Sacrament from the south.

As a blacksmith, Fillmore offers some essential tools that you can use to gather resources from the wilderness, including a pickaxe for mining ore, and a shovel for digging up treasure. He also sells some basic weapons which can be useful to try different builds and techniques early on, and you can improve them by speaking with Eleanor later on.

Eleanor the Enchanter

Eleanor will be present in Sacrament from the start, and you’ll find her just to the northwest of Fillmore. As an enchanter, Eleanor offers several rune spells which have various useful effects, such as healing over time or a burst of healing, but also utility spells such as repairing weapons, which will ultimately save you coin.

In addition to rune spells, Eleanor offers a staff for sale, which can be used to try out magick builds early on. However, her skills aren’t just limited to improving spellcasters; she can enchant any weapon for a small fee, something which you should do with your gear as soon as possible to improve its stats and rarity status. You’ll gain a lot of useful buffs to gear this way, and it’s the easiest method for improving your effectiveness in combat early on.

Aside from enchanting, Eleanor can also infuse your weapons and armor with specific gems that will further increase their power. You’ll gradually find gems as you loot them from enemies or chests in the wilderness, so be sure to keep these whenever you find one.

Whittacker the Woodworker

Whittacker is an NPC that can be found standing next to Eleanor in the market square, and he’s primarily a woodworker. You can sell things to him as with most of the other NPCs, but he also offers specialized equipment such as the woodcutter’s axe, something which you’ll need to gather resources from trees as you explore. He also sells a fishing rod, and although this is something that you can find for free in a few places, it’s good to know that Whittacker has one ready to sell should you lose it.

In addition to the woodcutter’s axe and fishing rod, you can purchase Pine Planks from Whittacker which are useful for upgrading several buildings within Sacrament. He also sells a short bow that you can use to experiment with ranged builds, and he offers a range of furniture that you can purchase for you house when you have enough coin to buy one in Sacrament.

(1 of 3) Most of the main traders can be found within close proximity of each other in Sacrament.

Grinnich the Trader

Grinnich is more of a general trader when compared with the others. He can be found just south of Whittacker, and he offers a couple of the same things that Fillmore has in the form of a pickaxe and a copper ingot, but also basic resources for crafting food items such as Mushrooms, Raw Carp, and Artemisia Herbs.

You’ll also find useful resources for upgrading gear and budlings for sale from Grinnich, including weapon and armor shards, copper ore, and clay. Finally, you can find a reliable source of a chipped sapphire by default from Grinnich, which you can use to upgrade your gear by infusing it with Eleanor. As you continue to upgrade Sacrament, more things will become available to purchase from Grinnich, so it’s always worth checking.

Mirabelle and Meriweather

Mirabelle and Meriweather are two trader NPCs that you’ll find just to the east of Grinnich. They don’t have as much for sale initially, being limited to tailor items in the form of Jute Garment and Craft Leather, but they’re still useful materials when you need a reliable source for them.

They also sell some basic armor pieces that don’t look too fancy initially, but if you have enough coin, you can repurchase these and enchant them with Eleanor until you get desired stats. As with the others, you’ll find that Mirabelle and Meriweather have more to offer when you upgrade their shop by speaking with Danos in the town square.

Captain Randolph

Randolph is a different kind of NPC from those we’ve discussed so far. He can be found just to the south of the town square, opposite the main Whisper fast travel point in Sacrament. Although he’s a little suspicious of you as a Cerim at first, he’s more than willing to continuously offer bounties and challenges in exchange for useful rewards.

The objectives for these bounties and challenges vary, but they range from killing a specific number of enemies, to finding a particular number of gatherable materials, or even killing notorious named bosses. You can actually use Randolph as a way to discover the locations of new bosses, especially those which take the place of story-based bosses once you’ve killed them, such as the Nith Leviathan in the Orban Glades, or the Plague Doctor in the Black Trench.

The rewards for completing bounties and challenges differ for each one, but you’ll generally find them to be a useful source for new recipes, equipment, materials, and coin. All things that will improve your chances in the wilderness.

(1 of 2) You can find Randolph at the bottom of the steps leading up to the town square.

You can find Randolph at the bottom of the steps leading up to the town square. (left), Randolph offers several bounties and challenges that can help you earn coin and progress. (right)

Caroline the Innkeeper

Caroline is an innkeeper who you can find in Sacrament as soon as you enter. She’ll be located just to your right as you pass through the main entrance from the south, and you’ll hear her muttering about her missing husband, Gordon. You should speak with Caroline as soon as possible to begin The Innkeeper’s Husband side quest. This will take you back to the area around Mariner’s Keep southwest of Sacrament, and it’s essentially a rescue mission to get her husband, Gordon, back to Sacrament.

Gordon the Cook

Speaking of Gordon, you’ll soon find that he’s a useful NPC to have back at Sacrament. This is because he owns Gordon’s Pantry, which is one of the buildings that you can upgrade by speaking with Danos. Once you gain access to Gordon’s Pantry, you’ll find that several new recipes become available to you. Most of these can be found by looting them in the world, but having early access to them can give you an advantage, especially against some of the tougher bosses.

If you want to learn more about the recipes that Gordon has to offer, see our All Food Recipes page.

(1 of 2) Gordon has his own kitchen set up just to the northwest of his wife, Caroline.

Gordon has his own kitchen set up just to the northwest of his wife, Caroline. (left), The location of Gordon’s Pantry, just to the left as you enter Sacrament from the south. (right)

Danos the Architect

You probably know who Danos is already, especially since he’s difficult to miss once you’ve slept in Sacrament for the first time. He’ll introduce himself as an architect, and he’s one of the most important NPCs in Sacrament. You’ll need to find various materials in your adventures such as Pine Wood, Copper Ore, Clay, Spruce Wood, Iron Ore, and others in order to upgrade the different buildings in Sacrament, including many of those associated with the NPCs above.

Rebuilding Sacrament will become one of the main projects for your progression in No Rest for the Wicked, and there are a few things that you can upgrade first to make your life easier. Be sure to check our Rebuilding Sacrament guide for more information on that.

(1 of 2) You can upgrade most of the main shops in Sacrament by speaking with Danos.

You can upgrade most of the main shops in Sacrament by speaking with Danos. (left), The location of Danos, in the northern part of the town square. (right)

Roan and The Watcher

Finally, we come to Roan and The Watcher, two mysterious NPCs who can be found in the tower of the Rookery Lodgings. You’ll meet these two early on in the story, and through them you’ll get the Spilled Blood quest. This quest serves as a way for you to upgrade your character in different ways such as improving inventory slots, gear slots, resource slots and more.

To be able to do this you’ll need to find Plague Ichor, a relatively rare material that you’ll mostly find by looting bosses. You can learn more about where to find this material on our Getting Plague Ichor page.

And there you have it, a breakdown of all the main NPCs that you can find in Sacrament. This settlement will serve as the main hub of your operations in the early game of No Rest for the Wicked, so you should be returning to it and making use of the NPCs as often as possible. If you’re looking for guides to finding some of the materials that these NPCs offer in the wild, or you want to learn more about material types and upgrades, check some of the links below.

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