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Destiny Knot Special


An item to be held by a Pokémon. Should the holder of this bright-red thread become infatuated, the Pokémon it is infatuated with will be similarly afflicted.


If you’re wondering how to get a Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, then you need to visit a Delibird Presents store in Mesagoza. To buy the item, you will first need to acquire for gym badges, and then buy it from the store for 20,000 Pokedollars.

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How to use Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet, and the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Violet both do the same thing. The is an held item, which you can give to Pokemon in battle to counter the infatuation mechanic some Pokemon apply.

Moreso, the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet also is used in breeding. The Destiny Knot breeding feature means that a Pokemon involved with creating an egg holding the item will pass on five qualities (IVs) of its parents, rather than three. It means you can get more stats onto your Pokemon from its parents, and theoretically breed adult Pokemon with incredible stats. It’s a nice way to prepare some super strong Pokemon for those 7 star Tera raids for example. If you’re interested in affecting an egg’s nature, then a "Everstone" iconEverstone held by the other parent will inherit the nature of the other parent.

Now you know how to use a Destiny Knot for breeding in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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