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Earth Power Ground TM


The user makes the ground under the target erupt with power. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Def stat.

LP to Craft

10000 LP

Crafting Resources / TM Materials

"Silicobra Sand" iconSilicobra Sand TM Materials
"Shellos Mucus" iconShellos Mucus TM Materials
"Barboach Slime" iconBarboach Slime TM Materials

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Paldea Region Map

X: 4585 Y: 7565
Marker screenshot

2. Paldea Region Map

X: 4458 Y: 13146
Marker screenshot

3. Paldea Region Map

X: 9650 Y: 4043
Marker screenshot

4. The Teal Mask Map

X: 5272 Y: 4565

Follow the stream.

Marker screenshot

5. The Indigo Disk Map

X: 5413 Y: 4779
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