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Stored Power Psychic TM


The user attacks the target with stored power. The more the user’s stats are boosted, the greater the move’s power.

LP to Craft

800 LP

Crafting Resources / TM Materials

"Gothita Eyelash" iconGothita Eyelash TM Materials
"Ralts Dust" iconRalts Dust TM Materials

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Paldea Region Map

X: 12544 Y: 10092
Marker screenshot

2. Paldea Region Map

X: 11763 Y: 4500
Marker screenshot

3. Paldea Region Map

X: 2784 Y: 5960

On the southwest tip of the island, beneath two trees.

Marker screenshot

4. The Teal Mask Map

X: 4711 Y: 4330
Marker screenshot

5. Paldea Region Map

X: 5789 Y: 11335
Marker screenshot

6. Paldea Region Map

X: 7178 Y: 12683
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