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3D Printed Flask 3D Printed Items


The 3D Printed Flask is the first thing you print when you locate the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer in-game. The flask reduces your reliance on finding streams and ponds as your source of water - even more difficult during winter when the ponds and lakes freeze over completely.

Once printed you can can fill it up by equipping it and looking down at the water source which will fill the bottle. This will give you three drinks on the move that will each fill your water bar halfway. It’s not a lot, but if you are stuck in an area with little hydration it can be a lifesaver.

How to make 3D Printed Flask

Locate the bunker containing the 3D printer and use the laptop to select the "Flask" iconFlask design. From there ensure there is enough printer resin in the machine (it will always start with some and then you can add more you find) and seconds later you will have your 3D Printed flask.


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