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Trade Authority Kiosks


"Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority kiosks are dotted around throughout settlements and allow you to sell goods to free up some space in your inventory before heading off to do some shopping downtown.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. New Atlantis Map

X: 7180 Y: 8004
Marker screenshot

2. Neon City Map

X: 7478 Y: 9273

A "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority Kiosk can be found here. You can use it to sell any unwanted items that you have.

Marker screenshot

3. Akila City Map

X: 8058 Y: 7711

You can sell various items here from either your person or ship.

Marker screenshot

4. Cydonia Map

X: 5208 Y: 3803

A "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority kiosk, where you can purchase various items.

Marker screenshot

5. Paradiso Map

X: 8070 Y: 8567
Marker screenshot

6. Gargarin Landing Map

X: 7668 Y: 8513
Marker screenshot

7. New Homestead Map

X: 7513 Y: 6114
Marker screenshot

8. Hopetown Map

X: 7942 Y: 4807
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