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Crimson Fleet Ghost Ships


The "Crimson Fleet Ghost" iconCrimson Fleet Ghost is an exclusive ship that can only be purchased at "The Key" iconThe Key, the spacestation belonging to the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet faction. For this reason, you must be allied with them if you wish to dock and purchase it. The ship itself is a rather unremarkable A Class ship that offers little for any serious pilot and is the weakest of the three ships you can purchase at The Key. You’ll only get a Cargo Capacity of 200, a measly 50 Fuel and rather basic weapons attached to it at the time of purchase. At least with the Haunt, you’re getting Shielded Capacity to make up for it’s rather lackluster stats but the Ghost doesn’t offer you that small boon either.

Location / Where to Find

  • Purchase at "The Key" iconThe Key spacestation in the Kryx system for 41,160 Credits. You must be allied with the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet to dock at the spacestation.

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