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Steelrising Centaur Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The Centaur is the fifth Titan boss in Steelrising, bringing with it one of the faster fights you’ll have in Steelrising. If you’re getting trampled by this stampeding steely stud, then these tips and tricks should help you out.

Here are some tips and tricks to stop this Centaur.

Steelrising Centaur Boss Guide

The Centaur boss in Steelrising is relatively tough, especially if it’s allowed to run rampage around the quarry. Moreso, it has an answer for wherever you position, so restricting its move set is key. One strategy is to bait the boss towards the wall when it charges at you, you can then try to keep it pinned against a wall to make it easier to attack.

In addition, the boss takes around six consecutive regular frost bombs to freeze it in place. The freeze against this boss seems to last a considerable length, making it an ideal choice to beat the boss. This is especially useful for heavy weapon users, who will find the boss harder to hit if it is running around the battlefield. You can also use the improved Frost Grenades as well, which you should start collecting throughout the Quarry level leading up to the boss fight.

As for consumables, we recommend the following:

  • Ordinary Oil - Passive health regeneration when used in case you are hit
  • Frost Grenades - It is easy to freeze this boss, which is useful throughout the fight as it roams around the battlefield.
  • Endurance Flux Vial - You will do lots of dodging throughout the fight and need to keep up with the boss.
  • Fire resistance gear or consumables - This is ideal for Phase 2 if you do get hit, but it isn’t totally necessary.

Phase 1

Gunfire: The boss can shoot at its enemies from range, using the fire rounds from its staff. You’re best considering the main weapon of the Centaur, like the Soldier’s starting weapons, with long melee range, and ranged projectiles.

Rear Kick: The boss will try to rear-kick players attacking it from behind. If you happen to dodge behind it, which is often easily done if you dodge while in front of the boss, then you need to be aware of this.

Thrust: The Centaur uses its spear and thrusts it at you, regardless if it is charging or standing still.

Spear Attacks: Centaur will occasionally ride towards you and try to swipe, then uppercut you with the spear. You need to try and roll through it before the spear comes in. Otherwise, you’ll either be trampled by its legs or take the hit from the spear. One suggestion is to take aimlock off and use the Selenite Momentum move to dash out of range if you’re finding it hard to dodge these moves.

Special Spear: The boss’ health bar flashes with red exclamation marks. It rises into the air, then plummets its spear down towards your location. Once again, outrange it if possible, and be mindful of a rear or side swipe following the move.

Phase 2

At around 50% HP, the boss activates its element affinity, causing a mid-range 360 fire zone around itself. After the move is over, the Spear ignites, adding fire damage to its attack and applying burn to Aegis.

Note the boss makes the same moves as it does in Phase 1, albeit with added fire damage or, a fireblast coming from it if it’s a heavier attack.

Bull Fight: The Centaur’s hooves ignite, and then it prances around on the spot like a rampaging bull. Each time the hooves connect with the floor, unleashing a small fireblast in the nearby area. Your solution to this is to simply stay away from the boss. It serves as a nice opportunity to consume any potions, ranged attack, or use grenades if your build uses them.

Other than that, it’s near enough rinse and repeat phase 2 moves until it dies. All in all, this fight is about positioning and making it easier to lock down the Centuar to beat it.

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