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Steelrising Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Craig Robinson

Steelrising is a new Souls-like game, and like any other souls like game, there are going to be pain points and struggles along the way. But rest assured, those pop feel-good moments are there. However, Steelrising is not too much like the Souls-like genre, with its own twist in the tale present. Whether you’re a beginner, genre veteran or somewhere in the middle, here are some Steelrising tips and tricks to help you through the revolution.

We guide you through the darkness of revolutionary Paris with these Steelrising tips and tricks.

Steelrising Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The Steelrising tips and tricks are largely designed for beginners, but there will be a few here that will help veterans alike with some of the unique features in Steelrising.

Dont do the Versailles mission until you’re happy you’re finishied with your save

The Versailles mission is the final mission in the game. It’s one of those where you’re locked away from the rest of the game while you’re doing it. Except one thing, you cant even go back to the stage you were on before going to the mission. If you intend to do side content, then do it before that mission, otherwise, loading to your automatic save will place you in the end game credits, and then put you back on the main menu. Dont fall victim like we did.

Grenades are very strong

Grenades are a commonly found consumable in the Parisian streets and boroughs. There are frost, fire, electrical, immobilization and general fragmentation grenades knocking around the place. These grenades can wrack up lots of damage, making some of the mini-bosses, harder regular enemies, and even the titan bosses feel much easier if you’re ever struggling and need some help somewhere. Feel free to find your preference for bombs and what elemental alchemical effects you like hitting enemies with, and stockpile your bombs as required through loot or via buying them from the store with your anima essence.

Work out the elemental type of enemies

You’ll likely not notice enemies with too much alchemical specialization in the very few levels. However, as the game goes on, more enemies tend to specialize in one of the affinities. It also seems like these enemies tend to resist that alchemical element too. Therefore, you will need to occasionally switch your playstyle if you use alchemical weapons or grenades and adapt to your opponents.

Swap your armor depending on levels

Aegis is burning because of my character’s low fire resistance in a fire heavy area. Don’t underestimate resistance as we did.

Most RPG players have their heads trained to see the number increase equals better gear. However, we advise ignoring the armor go-up modifier after the first and second missions. The reason why is that the gear is a big source of resistance to the different elementals. Each level after the first two seems to have more enemies that use one type of elemental than the other. For example, the ‘La Cité’ level has more enemies that use fire. Swap to gear with more fire resistance, and you’ll be able to take more hits before the fire effect stacks and does a prolonged burn effect to Aegis. Meanwhile, the fulmination element is more apparent on the Louvre level. Once again, switch to more fulmination resistance to have a better time on that level.

It’s not too important to take this advice, as gear with higher armor stats means you can mitigate more damage anyway. But it’s something to consider if you find you’re getting frozen, full volted, or brunt for long periods of time.

Always invest some levels into Engineering and Alchemical

It’s fun to invest all your points into your preferred damage type. However, getting one shot by a big bad is not. As mentioned with the other Steelriing tips above, elements and alchemy are big factors in this game, regardless of whether you play the alchemist class. You will need to improve these passively to increase your ability to survive the bountiful amount of alchemical effects throughout the game. If you put a few points into Alchemical every now and then, you can use better armor gear, or vice versa, to keep your Aegis tanky enough to handle the proceeding harder and harder enemies throughout the game.

Watch for exclamation marks

Different enemies have some very fast special moves you need to watch for, marked with red exclamation marks around their model.

Another Steelrising tip for beginners is to watch for enemies with exclamation marks on certain enemies. Occasionally, you will see some enemies flash red exclamation marks around their healthbar. This indicates a very powerful enemy attack is coming. These typically involve enemies pouncing or jumping over to you in some way or another to deal with a very powerful attack. The only thing you can do is perfectly time your dodge. Once you’re familiar with which enemies do these moves and when, you can save some endurance for a roll or two. Shielding will take some of the damage and deplete your endurance bar, while counterattacking is an extremely hard feat to achieve on attacks like these.

Exploration of levels is something to come back too

Each level has lots of new points of interest to explore, whether locked-off gates you cannot get to, towers or buildings you just can’t quite climb, a locked chest you want to loot, citizen stories you can complete, or something else. This is by design, as you need some form of tool to make it happen. As you progress through the game, you will beat titans, with different titans unlocking new tools to explore the levels around Paris. When you get these tools, you can then take on the hurdles you couldn’t quite figure out on other levels. So, take note of areas you couldn’t get to previously or puzzles you couldn’t quite solve and try and beat those challenges when you return with your new toys.

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It is 1789, and Paris is in turmoil. The third estate, clergy, and nobles are in philosophical disputes. Now more than ever has the tensions in the french polical system been so high. So, the king has chosen the defnd his position, building an army of automat robots to serve the royality. But, the king has gone mad, and the clockwork tyrant has unleased his army of robots upon the three estates as they all threaten his very power, turning Paris into a battlefield on command.

However, not all robots are sworn to protect the king. In Steelrising, you play the role of Aegis, a robot capable of self thought, reason, and is just as powerful as the most devastating of the king’s titantium troops. Your duty is to protect the queen, find important figures and help spear head the revolution against Louis XVI in this alternate history story.

As you play through the game, expect Souls-like combat, build prgressions, side missions and everythign else you espect from a historical setting game and Souls experience. We aim to help players with this guide’s content focusing on:

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