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Complete the sewers level without killing a Zurk with the UV light.

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Game: Stray
Rarity: 6.90% (Very Rare)
Tags: Story, Combat, Exploration

You need to complete the Sewers chapter without killing a single Zurk with the UV light. The general tips to complete the trophy require some elemtns of stealth, patience and of course, some solid chase scene dodging.

Through the map there are areas with nesting Zurks. The Zurk nests only wake up if you get too close to them. It means you can pretty much acvoid most Zurks in the level using patience. The other bit is the chase scenes, which will have Zurks coming at you from all ends. You need to practice your jumps onto new ledges, alowng with sideways swerving to make sure any leaping Zurk completely misses you.

In additon, the bit before the final chase scene requires you to navigate around the room and flip the control panel. You need to explore all the paths, alongside jump a few barerls to flip the switch and make it the next room. Zurks spawn throughout the level anway, so be weary of charging Zurks. You may also jump between platfroms to make the Zurks go around long widing paths to get to you. Keep doing this to avoid any oncoming Zurk and so you acan progress the level natrurally.

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