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Complete Midtown without getting detected by a single Sentinel robot

The Sneakitty trophy is all about stealth. You need to finish the Neco Factory and the Clemeitne Apartment block segments of the level without getting detected by any Sentinel drone that fly around the area.

The trick of the trophy is all about stealth. The Neco Factory has a variety of Sentinels that patrol certain areas or are stationary with very specific rotation patterns. Study the movement of each Sentinel, and then proceed with confidence you won’t get spotted. If things do get sketchy, there are cardboard boxes all over the place to hide in.

The other thing to note is that some enemies in the area don’t move, but rather have a specific looking angle or look between different angles. Study where they look, use cover, or find a way to bypass the enemies. to continue with the factory. The final stage in the factory with Sentinels is the conveyor belt room. You need to sneak around the robots using the trash as cover, helping you progress to the factory’s end and complete the process.

Watch for patterns in the Sentinels to work out how to safely bypass them.

The final section is Clementine’s Apartment block. The block requires you to sneak from the ground floor to the top floor and get back inside Clementine’s apartment. However, most of the pathways are blocked. You will need to have the patience to complete this section. Luckily, there are cardboard boxes scattered around the apartment blocks you can easily hide in, thanks to their being little cover. Use these as often as you can if you need to evade an oncoming sentinel.

As you get to the top of the apartment block, you visit Clementine’s flat. Once you’re done in there with the puzzle, come out. Be warned, though, as sometimes a Sentinel can sit in front of Clementine’s window and kill you as you come out. If that happens, it is really unlucky as there’s no way of telling. If not, then feel free to jump on the wall, and jump down using the AC and CCTV camera poles to descend the building and get to the entrance quickly.

The descent down these poles allows you to avoid the Sentinels when you need t escape the building and find Clementine.

After that, you have done all the stealth checks. Complete the chapter as normal, and you are done with the chapter. You will get the trophy as long you did not trigger any Sentinel’s detection, turning it yellow or red in the process. If you did, you need to restart before the game saves and try the game again. If it has been saved and you’re detected, you need to restart the entire chapter.

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