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Totem Shrine Door Activities


Big stone doors with a unique pattern. Sculpt a matching totem at a Totem Sculpting Stand and drop it in the receptacle to unlock the path to a Shrine Challenge.

There are a total of 8 "Totem Shrine Door" iconTotem Shrine Doors. You will unlock these after completing the Coutume for the "Chief" iconChief of "Hunahmi" iconHunahmi.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Tchia Map

X: 8808 Y: 8379

This door requires a totem carving that matches the totem image reference that you can see by hovering over the marker on the map.

Inside this trial, you’ll be required to complete a course to reach the soul fruit.

Marker screenshot

2. Tchia Map

X: 3800 Y: 2633

Inside this challenge, you will need to play a Music Sequence in order to get the "Soul Fruit" iconSoul Fruit.

Marker screenshot

3. Tchia Map

X: 7535 Y: 9178

You will be playing Tic-Tac-Toe for this challenge. Step on the slab you want to mark and defeat your opponent to get the "Soul Fruit" iconSoul Fruit.

Marker screenshot

4. Tchia Map

X: 3432 Y: 3516

You will need to reach the "Soul Fruit" iconSoul Fruit without being spotted. Use Circle to crouch and keep to the shadows, whenever you see the light shine.

Marker screenshot

5. Tchia Map

X: 9496 Y: 9786

This challenge requires you to make it to the "Soul Fruit" iconSoul Fruit, while dodging eyes that shoot lasers, causing explosions.

Marker screenshot

6. Tchia Map

X: 4472 Y: 4475

You will need to shoot flying orbs with your Slingshot to complete this challenge. There’s 17 of the orbs in total.

Marker screenshot

7. Tchia Map

X: 2236 Y: 9651

This challenge is a race, using the "Xetiwa" iconXetiwa animal. You need to get a Gold Medal to complete the challenge, which requires you to finish in under 160 seconds.

Marker screenshot

8. Tchia Map

X: 3780 Y: 4456

The first "Totem Shrine Door" iconTotem Shrine Door you will encounter as part of the main storyline. Carve the matching totem to gain access to the soul fruit inside.

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